“Give me love and work those two only” – William Morris

Sarah Williams (née Cooper) is all about bringing the balance and harmony of the outdoors—inside—through sustainable design, interior plantscaping, exterior container gardening, and sometimes just by adding the color green. Williams approaches her design philosophy with more than just aesthetics in mind; she understands how organization, balance, and beauty promote a healthy lifestyle. She sees design heading in a more environmentally conscious direction, something she’s been passionate about her whole life, and has incorporated into her work as an interior designer for the last 12 years.

Williams created H2OME to further promote reclamation and minimalism, also focusing on local manufacturing and artisanal objects. She is sensitive to how water, green space, and lighting can aid in decreased stress levels and enhanced mood. With each new space, she also evaluates her clients and their desires, foreseeing their needs and organizational issues in order to continue a space’s lived-in synchronicity. Her aim is to make projects exciting and less stressful, giving her clients security throughout the process (one time she cut out large paper versions of potential furniture, so her clients could better visualize the layout before ordering everything).

After a lifetime of combing through her grandfather’s props, from when he worked as the photographer for Hudson’s furniture catalog, she now shops estate sales daily to try and preserve a little bit of that history. Growing up her parents ran The Old Club on Harsens Island. Her mother was in charge of floral design & housekeeping , which is where Williams learned her otherworldly cleaning and organizing abilities, and how floral arrangements can drastically change a room. Williams’s father was the general manager of The Old Club, and it was during her time assisting him at the water treatment facility and around the club grounds, that really implanted the importance and necessity of environmental coexistence. As a teenager she worked for club members, which is when she met designer DJ Kennedy and saw his beautiful ever-changing boat interiors, and first realized all of these skills she learned from her family could also be applied to the world of interior design.  

It is through Williams’s instincts and background, as well as her diverse experiences working within different aspects of the world of interiors, that has allowed her to be incredibly knowledgeable about every aspect of superior design. After graduating with a degree in Interior Design, she moved to Minneapolis and worked for Vicki Nolan Design Inc, where they primarily dealt with LEED-certified commercial spaces. From 2009-12 Williams worked from F. Schumacher and Co., at the Michigan Design Center, dealing in luxury textile sales. After that she worked with David & Davis Home which drew much inspiration from David's mother — a woman Williams also looked up to, who ran metro Detroit’s famed antique business Chapman House Classic Home.